For Good Health Natural Foods Are Essential

Which Foods Are Really Good For You?

For good health natural foods are the key to prevention and cure of many illnesses. Almost all western diseases come about from eating inappropriate ‘foods’.

Healthy foods are basic, natural foods, as unprocessed as possible, without additives.

Healthy foods are ‘whole foods’ – without any of the goodness taken out. Did you know that in processing whole grain wheat to make white flour, 28 different nutrients are lost? In white flour and breakfast cereals four of these are replaced. And the others?

Other processed foods and ready meals have lost much of their nutritional value by the time they get to your plate. They also have many artificial additives that aren’t good for your health such as tartrazine.

Best to stick to basics – buy the raw ingredients and prepare your own meals and snacks. It doesn’t really take that long if you’re organised. It puts you in control, and can be fun. Get the family to help, or cook with a friend.

Look for basic ingredients, as unprocessed as possible – e.g. dried pulses, nuts and seeds, dried fruits, whole grains and wholegrain flours, free-range eggs and, especially, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are important for maintaining your body pH.
Find out why this is vital to your health.

For good health natural foods are vital.

Organic food can be more expensive, but it’s better value for money. It has more nutrients and no agrochemical residues. If you can afford it, buyorganically produced food.

If this isn’t possible, for the best value and freshest produce, buy your fruit and vegetables from farmer’s markets or farm shops. Farmers selling to markets and through their own shops often use fewer chemicals than those growing for supermarkets. (My local farmer now uses seaweed fertilizer on all his crops – he’s getting closer to organic all the time.)

If you eat meat, go for simple cuts – on the bone, minced or filleted, but not processed meat. Pates are largely fat. Sausages and pies may not have much meat in them at all. supermarket meat might be cheap, but it has a higher water content than meat from a traditional butcher. Meat from a local butcher will generally be better quality than most supermarket meat – less chemicals, less water, more meat. You might pay more, but you get better value for your money.

You don’t have to eat meat – many people think a vegetarian diet is healthier. There are other protein rich foods.

As much as you can, eat foods as close as possible to their natural state – salads, lightly cooked vegetables. You can eat a lot more raw food if you drink it! Try some smoothie recipes – you’ll be amazed at how delicious smoothies can be.

This is the key to natural health. How can you expect to live a long and healthy life on a diet of artificial additives, growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics?

For good health natural foods are vital – foods full of good quality nutrients and free of toxic chemicals.

Hippocrates said ‘ let food be your medicine and medicine be your food’. With a diet of natural and organic food , you are eating the best preventive medicine you can have.